We have a problem in our network and we've tried almost everything that we can think of. We run novell 6.x and our problem is that we get "the blue screen of death" on any of the workstations. Saying:
fatal exception error 0E in 0028:C001545A
after that we get a second one with:
fatal exception error 0E in 0028:C00144A7
however it's always different a different address, Or it's 0028: D00... or 0028: A00
Mostly with most cases the screen goes black and tells us that it has gone out of frequency...and it gives a message on the screen: 2khz-->0 hz. you think a screen might ever get to 2khz? No? you don't think so either, huh? ;)
We've tried updating the video driver from 4.11 to 4.13...
We flashed a couple of BIOS's from A05 to A09.
We even tried rebooting the servers...without prevail.

Specs workstation:
Dell Optiplex GX 110 Midsize Desktop Chassis
Intel 450Mhz Pentium II some III Processor
128 MB RAM
10GB Hard Drive
Intel (R) 82810E Graphics controller (internal)
17" P780 Falt Display Trinitron (16" viewable)
Microsoft Logitech Mouse and Dell Keyboard
10/100 Base-T Ethernet
Windows 98 SE

I've been searching and 0028 addresses and I found this, I don't think it helps much though :confused:
The <0028:xxxxxxxx> value represents the enhanced instruction
pointer to the code segment; the 32-bit address is the actual
address where the exception occurred and can vary from computer to

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Ask Ryan about Novell he is an expert I know it but, not as well as he does.

Ryan? What is his nick name?

Tekmavan is his name but, I doubt he will see this contact him on the fourm he is a super mod

Windows 98 SE is very picky about Network setup. Try booting up into safemode, removing the client, and browsing around in the Windows folder and removing some "Novell" looking files (back them up first). After you can get the workstation up (with the NW Client uninstalled), try reinstalling the client.

What version of the client are you using? Latest isn't always the greatest; I've had many sucesses with the 3.3 client (over the 3.4).

If you can, formatting the PC and reinstalling Windows 98 is a good idea. This way the bad install will *really* be gone.

Lastly, Windows 98 for lack of a better word... sucks for use in a business environment (no matter how small use of the computer). If you could spare the cost of putting Windows 2000 Professional on those machines; you'd be much more happier. Not only do you get greater stability and security; but I've never had one problem installing the NetWare Client on a 2000/XP box.

Oh, and I forgot to mention:

This problem probably isn't with your display, video card, or your BIOS. Getting the Novell Client properly installed with Windows 98 for the most part is a huge pain (although, I have had some issue-free installs).

The best advice is: just keep trying! Uninstall, delete things, reinstall, and try different versions. If you need help finding an older version of the 9x client, tell me, and I'll try to dig up some old discs (We are now using the NT/2000/XP client on all machines: the shortcomings of Windows 9x with their poor network interoperability and poor reliability are some of the top reasons).

Who contacted him and Tek answer your emails bro and Dani you too haha well I guess that answers your questions.


I am curious if this just started happening to him, of this happened all along.


Indeed, we use Novell Client 3.4 for the Win98 SE Workstations and I'm sorry to say we don't have enough money to get an win2k environment. When we first installed 3.4, it started at random, but it wasn't as bad then as it is now. After that many more problems occurred, but that would be too long to list. We are going to try deinstalling 3.4 from one of our most notorious computers on the network and install 3.3, could you upload 3.3? I do hope it isn't too much trouble for you..

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