I'm looking for a program that can organise my files. I imagine this being done by name, and by giving them labels.

Let me give an example. I've got the serie 'Rome' on my harddrive. I could put this into a folder called 'series' and in a sub directory called 'historic'.

Let's say I've also got a serie of history documentaries on my harddrive.

Now both files are of the type 'serie' and of the sub-type 'historic', but one is of the type 'fictonal' and the other of the type 'documentary'.

This would force me to put both in yet another sub-folder.

All of this is, although a bit tedious, managable by putting them in seperate folders.

Now imagine one of my favourite actors is in the serie 'Rome'. As it happens, this actor is also in 'NCIS'.

NCIS and Rome now have one two things in common: they both feature the same actor and they are both series. They do not, however, belong to the sub-class 'Historic'. So I can't put NCIS into the 'Historic' sub-folder.

Using shortcuts to files, or having copies of all files does not seem a reasonable solution to me here.

Could somebody reccommend me a program, which will allow me to have all files in one directory, and can label each file so that I can easily find the one I'm looking for?

Thank You,


use media player's default library, you can organize them into playlist and you can have a single file in different playlists.

winamp also has a good media library.