so,am having huge problems with my 3 mobile broadband....
the problem is.......
im struggling to connect BUT only at mu home address??! i drive a mile down the road i connect fine, modems working fine and i have a good signal,when i do finally manage to connect (after approx 30-40 attempts) i cant access any web pages??
again,i only have this problem at my own postcode!
have had the laptop and 3 mobile broadband for 4 months and has worked perfectly up untill a week ago...arrrrrggggghhhhhh!
any advice greatly appreciated.

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Is your signal full at home, or 1 mile down the road?

signal is full at home and down road!
very frustrating indeed.....

OK, What I do know, is that, depending on service provider and 3G system used, the indication of a full signal on your appliance does not necessary mean that you have full 3G access. It is an indication of how strong the overall signal is. Sometimes this signal may also be shared. I think you should querie your service provider.

thanks kraais.
yes ive made several calls to 3 but to no avail....
i can actually connect to the broadband but can not access any web pages..

But you can connect to web pages 1 mile from home, am I right?

If so, it means your browser is fine.

yep thats correct..
so what could the trouble be?!
im getting no joy from 3...

The trouble is then not your computer, or your browser, but your service provider. Go and see them, they have to come and test your actual signal.

You could previously connect from that spot, and now its gone. There may be an overflow on the network. You should test if it is like that all the time, or just during certain times, (when everyone in your area is at home)

Yes the same thing happened to me, fine for 3 months and now i can connect, use the internet for about 1 minute and then there is no internet even though its still conencted with signal.
It works on different post codes, ive tried it on different laptops with different operating systems and virus check.
I have rang three about 8 times over the last month and they treat me like an idiot asking me to do the same things over and over again.
I cant get any help from thier indian call center and im on a 2 year contract. Seems like im screwed.

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