Loading a pc. I have to use both 98 and xp. I can format drive c. but when loading windows 98 it will ask all the normal questions, name ,etc. then it will start to check the room and files and says it is loading files, But it dosen't ask for the serial number. and at the end it says that it has to Reboot and start windows for the first time.It will reboot and then the screen comes up windows 98 ,and it will stop their.The desk top never comes up.
Then if I load windows xp on it will go through the whole process, but It will not find the internet. That is the problem,,, It cant find the internet. but in xp the desk top dose come up.
I have used these cd's MANY times and never had a problem. Im not installing these ,my daugther is in another state. I sent her the disks.
Anyone know why xp cant find the internet?

Windows 98 doesnt work well on modern PCs.

Don't know what to say about the Win98 problem, and I have no idea why you would NEED to use 98. Pretty much anything that runs on 98 will run on XP using compatibility mode.

As for the internet issue with XP, I'd guess she doesn't have the Network driver for the system. Windows XP has many network drivers included, so it works out of box on some systems, but on newer systems (and some older) you need to download the driver for your NIC.

nah you need 98 for lots of scientific apps which need to communicate directly with hardware. Doesnt work on NT.

Fair enough, I know there are applications that don't work well under compatibility mode, but most mainstream apps do. Most people don't need to run really specialty apps that are that old (not to say that some don't, but most people have already found replacement software or given up on the app).