Trying to help out an Ex-Wife who attempted to download Adobe Air. Problem is that when she boots up her computer she gets the dialog box entitled C:\Program Files\Common. It it there resides these four files"_helper.sig SIG File 35KB. It freezes all functions. How do I get rid of them??

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Try booting in safe mode and uninstalling adobe air.

Thanks for the reply but I've already done away with Air and all other Adobe stuff. Also deleted the Common File with the .dll and .sig files. Under normal start Windows will freeze and I won't read any peripheals. Under Safe Mode, no prephreals either. What a pain.

No peripherals as no drives in the explorer?

Probably messed-up registry regarding volumes (partitions).. Try disk management and see if the partitions are present there. To reach disk management, click on my computer and select "manage". In the left pane select "Disk management".
If you don't understand partitions, then it is the best to check only if they are all online and not mess anything up. I must warn you that here you can delete whole content from the drives.

Check if the status reads "online" in the right pane... left of graphical illustration of the partition, like:

100 GB
Online <-- this

Every partition should be online. Otherwise it is unreachable to the system.

Also, you should post hijackthis log. You can get it here, given that you can boot to safe mode.

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