i re installed windows Xp and have this wave effect when scrolling.. how do i remove it? :(

Can you provide addtional details? Are you talking about some video display issue? If yes, you might try downloading the latest updated video driver for your video card from the vendor website.

If you have sprayed your PC with hair spray you may never get rid of it, as some hair sprays have a permanent wave.

Sorry about that, more information please.

what i meant was when i scroll down using the wheel of my mouse there is a wave-like effect as it scroll up and down and from side to side..

From the information you have supplied no one can give you any specific fix.
Post a detailed report

Go to:- www.majorgeeks.com/download3155.html download and run Hijack this. “Do not try to do any repairs yourself.” Save the report and send it with your next post along with any error logs.
To check error logs, go to “START” “RUN” type “eventvwr.msc” Click “OK” and check if there any errors in the logs. Include any information that could help:-
1. What were you doing on the PC when the problem occurred?
2. Does it happen every time you do this?
3. What progs are running as well?
4. What have you done to fix this problem?
5. How long has the problem been happening?
6. Have you installed/uninstalled or updated any progs recently?
7. Any other information that may help resolve your problem. Remember, no one here can see your PC; you are the only one that can tell someone else about the problem.