I have a problem with a friend's computer. She is using Win98 S.:

When she right clicks on her desktop or tries to create a new folder from explorer she gets the following message:

EXPLORER caused an invalid page fault in module SHELL32.DLL at 01B7:7FCCC6F9
The screen goes blank and she has to restore her desktop.

I have looked at the all the websites I can find to try and correct this fault, but to no avail.

Microsoft recommend system.ini file while someone else recommends deleting two keys from the registry - neither help!

The last time I had this I ended up reloading windows, but I am reluctant to do this with her machine as it was so long ago when I did it, I cannot remember what happened to all my files.

All ideas gladly accepted.

Click on Start / Run and type in scanreg /fix
Windows retains copies of the registry each time the computer is started and it will reload the last good working registry. This might fix the problem.

My suggestion:

This illegal operation might be caused if your shell32.dll (dynamic link library) got corrupted..try to restore it...follow this steps:

click 'start' go to 'run' and type 'sfc' (only sfc) and click ok
it openes system file checker.....click start and its checks for a windows corrupted/missing files

If this not check the box 'extract one of files...' and type shell32.dll and restore from win98 setup disk or any specify location