So, trying to help out my ex wife who tried downloading Adobe Air unsucessfully. Now, when she boots up, she gets this pop up window: C\Program files\Common. In it, there resides _helper.dll; helper.dll; _helper.sig SIG File 65kb and helper.sig SIG File 38KB. It won't allow any Windows functions to run. I can reboot in safe mode but can't read any peripherals. I did see at one time, " But since I can't access the D drive, I'm stuck. Help!!

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Use msconfig in safe mode to prevent the Adobe Air app from running. Click on Start>run, type msconfig and click OK. On the startup tab you should be able to find the Air app and prevent it from starting.

once you have done that, while in safe mode go
start-control panel-add/remove programs
and uninstall adobe air. you dont need it and it has caused only trouble on 3 of the 4 pcs' I own.

Thanks for your reply. From what the Ex told me the Air download was aborted so, when I took your suggestion and went to msconfig there was nothing there. When I booted up I noticed there seem to be a window of time before the Common File dialog box came up so, I managed to go to Run D:\ and get it to read the Windows set up disk before the dialog box ran. Was successful in reloading Windows. Did all kinds of scans for worms and such but found nothing. Fortunately, she had backed up her files a couple of weeks ago. Thanks again you guys for all your help.

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, when tried the uninstall there was nothing there as the download aborted. I noticed when I booted up there seemed to a window of time before the Common File dialog box popped up. So, I loaded the Windows install dis and quickly went to Run D:\. Was able to beat the dialog box and re-install Windows. Fortunately, the Ex had backed up her files a week ago so, nothing lost. What a pain in the butt.

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