I am trying to make an image of one computer on another using a Ghost boot disk. I cannot make it work with the LAN (presumably becaue of an unsupported NIC), so I bought a supported USB cable. Now, on one of the computers, the USB Ghost boot disk locks up during boot. If I go to config.sys and comment out "device = usb\ohci.exe", it boots but refuses to do peer to peer, as if there were no USB port. If I comment out the other line, " device = usb\uhci", it still locks up.

I also bought a new USB card and disabled the one on the motherboard, but it behaves the same way.

It works fine on the other computer.

Does anyone have any ideas how to make this work? Thanks.


Unsupported NIC? You give it the driver, it configures the disk, you boot off of it, ghost, and go on about your day.

How did you configure the ghost disk in the first place?

I got a similar problem only with a adm8511 usb to lan convertor,
when I try to create a template Packet or Ndis makes no difference Norton says the oemsetup.inf file is not in a recognised format I provided norton with the original disk wich contains: net8511.inf, net8511.CAT, ADM8511.sys, AN986n.inf, release.txt

Does anybody know how to work this problem