Hi all. While trying to use partiton magic8.0, I lost everything on my c drive. I couldn't restore or had backed up any of my files or programs.(doh)!
So I had to reinstall the win98se OS. After the installation ,I couldn't find the factory settings.
The laptop is a IBM 770z.PentII. When it running properly, it would have a small thinkpad icon in the bottom task bar.
I have no clue and any help would be greatly welcome.

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That copy was put out on Kazza by the companies script writers.(strictly hearsay)
Now I m not saying that was where you got your copy from Im just saying that copy does exsist
is this what your talking about?
Think pad is used by IMB only I think!
(suggestion) and type in STARTER in the search field download it and stop think pad from starting up on boot.

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Thanks a bunch for the info. That is exactally what I am looking for. So far no luck. I'll keep lookin. MIKE

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