I'm really having trouble transfering my mp3's from my old 80 Gig HD to my new 160 Gig HD. Everytime I try to transfer them, I get a message saying.. "Access is Denied". I really have no idea why this message comes up and doesn't let me play the file. But then again, some files I can play and some I can't. The ones that I can play, I can transfer. oh man, this is weird..never had this before..please help folks..would appreciate it so much :o) Thanx!

It seems like a permissions problem. Windows NT/2000/XP have multiple user support, meaning that users have ownership of files. Right click the files and view their properties. Are you their owner? Are you the owner of the new 160gb drive?

You might also get this error, now that I think of it, if any of the files are corrupted or are currently in use. Set check disk to run on the drive containing the files (right click on the C:\ drive in My Computer, and schedule a disk check), then restart your computer and let it do its thing. As soon as you get back into Windows, try moving the files again first thing. (Don't try to play any).

Operating System?
format? FAT32, NTFS, Ext2?

If the destination drive is almost anything but NTFS,
A knoppix cd http://knoppix.net will allow you to copy

The new drive may have a utility that's designed to
copy partitions... Have you looked on the mfg's website
to see if there's a utility you can use?

The list goes on and on