Alright.. Hey..

So yeah my problem is fairly simple unlike others I don't get any bluscreens, errors, messages etc I don't get anything

Simply put whenever I restart or turn my PC on, windows will not start up.. It'll get stuck anywhere along the way and usually when it gets stuck my monitor goes blank and the PC starts restarting untill I turn it off from the power switch, though sometimes my monitor just goes blank and the PC doesn't restart.

Sometimes I get stuck in the windows loading screen.. Sometimes in the welcome screen.. Sometimes in the desktop when programs are opening.. And now recently my CPU has shut itself down a few times and just randomly completly froze which it has never done in its 3 year life time.

So simply put it just wont boot up.. Sometimes I can get it working after 1 failed start up attempt.. Sometimes I spend 30 minutes in the morning just turning my PC on and off...

I have no idea what caused this it simply happened out of the blue one day.. I didn't install anything, delete anything I did nothing basically. Did my stuff online one day went to sleep and the next morning it started. When I first got the problem I scanned my computer like mad but I didn't find anything that could beep around like this and by now it can't be a virus.... I guess I'm just at a loss since problems with no appearant cause are just frustrating..

Apologies for the useless wall of text..

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Check the fan on the processor.
the processor may be overheating.
Also check other fans.

i also seem to think that something might be overheating most likely the processer so please try doing as you have been advised

So I cleaned the fans, all of them. I thought what the heck even if the BIOS was telling me that it was alright ( turns out it was lying )..

But the problem still persists. There are some changes however.. Restarts seem to work normally now.. And it seems that if I can get into the Windows loading screen at startup it WILL start normally..

However it can get stuck before that or just go blank. Ohh yes and before I forgot to mention a small but possibly relevant detail.. You know the beep your computer makes when turning on? Well most of the times when the startup fails it turns on without the beep. but sometimes it will also fail if it turns on with the beep ( if that makes any sense to you guys :P )

hi, take out your memory stick and clean it, plug it back and make sure its seated properly.. check for any difference...

Well I'll try that.. But also it would seem that the computer likes to freeze now.

I thought it was a one time thing but it seems my computer froze again for the 2nd time in its 3 year life.. And with it my internet disappeared. However my internet disappeared yesterday after cleaning the fans. And I discovered a magical way to get it back. The magical way is to appearantly freeze my computer myself.. Then the internet comes back magically.. I'm really at a loss now.. Quite frustrating bullshit

Double post sry..

sorry saarlane, it froze during startup or at windows...?

If you have a linux type startup cd (or similiar non windows startup) try to beet from a CD (may need to change bios settings) and if it gives the same freezing then it is almost certainly either of the two ideas already mooted ie overheating or faulty memory, contacts or disk drive connections.
If it does boot into linux (or whatever CD) then the trouble would seem poerhaps to be more software / virus / disk have yu run Chkdsk c: /f
to ensure disk is coherent. If ther are faulty startup files that cannot be fully read this may be the cause and reinstallation after disk format is the answer!

Hmm I wish I was smart enough to fully understand the chkdsk reading.. But there seems to be some sort of errors I'll just copy paste the error bit xD

Usn Journal verification completed.
Correcting errors in the master file table's (MFT) BITMAP attribute.
Correcting errors in the Volume Bitmap.
Windows found problems with the file system.
Run CHKDSK with the /F (fix) option to correct these

So I'm lightly put not too bright with computers, but is this of any use identifying the problem

goto start, run, type in
chkdsk c: /f
and press enter
where c is the drive usually the first hard drive that causes the problems.

Note the spaces and the /f

Once that has run it will fix the problems and all should be well!

If you are able to boot your computer in safe mode, then definitely
it is a problem with any of your hardware device or with a driver of
any hardware device.
Make sure you boot your computer in safe mode first.
When you turn your computer on, just keep pressing F8 key on your
keyboard and then you will see a menu or list. Just highlight "safemode" and press enter.

Let us know are you able to boot your computer in safe mode?

Alright I'll try booting it then.. Also I followed up on the 2 previous advices given.. And they failed to help really..

It is peculiar that one day my nvidia driver decided not to function and I had to navigate my way around with 6xx something resolution and 4 bit colors. And what was even more fun was that whenever I went to nVidias page it crashed my browser, I did get my drivers from majorgeek however and that was that..

I'd also like to apologize for posting so sporatically.. As much as I'd love to get this fixed it isn't one of my main priorities in life, however I greatly appreciate the help from all of you and I'll keep posting here untill its solved.. Or untill I decide enough is enough and take it to get repaired :P

Well appearantly the same problems persist when I try to boot in safe mode

Does your computer hang as soon as you boot into safe mode,
or it hangs some where in the middle when you do something
in the window?

If this is the case, then simply do a repair install of your windows.

I hope you know how to do that.

If you need any help repairing windows xp, come back to this thread.

Hmm well it would seem that the last time I tried to go in safe mode it was a human error ^^ it loaded the .sys so much longer than usual so I thought it got stuck but I gave it time today

And it seems it doesn't fuck aorund in safe mode at all.

Also to describe a bit. See when I start normally it can get stuck, go unresponsive, restart ANYWHERE along the way to bootingup, even when you just get to the desktop. Also sometimes I can just turn it on and theres no *beep* sound and no response from the monitor..

Also restarts ALWAYS work for some reason xD

Just go ahead and do a repair install of your windows 1st.

If you need any help reinstalling windows, just come back to this

rjnning chkdsk / F should fix most hard disk problems. However yur prob seem ore and more like overheating.

This will sound very silly but put the comouter in thye freezer / fridge over night and then see what happens at start up. If it starts OK the ngoes awol the prob is definately overheating. cleaning the fans help but do ensure that ALL the fans, vents and above al any heat sinks under the fans are also clean;
If that does not solve it then it may require professioanl help


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