My Internet Service Provider (ISP) is "BSNL India" and they don't give me option to reset password when i forget it.

Day before yesterday I changed it, and luckily clicked on the remember password option. Now I have no idea what is my new password. I can access internet by cannot login to my ISP site to keep record of my internet usage which is quite expensive for me.

So I want to know, is there a way to recover that password. Its not windows user password so I guess file might be different from what we call SAM (I came to know about it while I was searching for solution to my problem). But for sure its stored somewhere in my computer. Please help me recover it.

Many many thanks in advance.

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If you could recover the password, it would not be much of a password, no?

You say you changed the password day before yesterday, how did you do that...just change it again.


also call isp,or most places where you put in a password have an option "forgot you password click here " and you email and they email the password it to you


Thanks guys, I got the password from ISP long time back...

Last time I could change it, as I remember the old password (current password at that point of time..) u know how passwords are changed... right ?

Now if your point is good, that secure passwords should not be recoverable, but as I have heard, and started to believe, that windows itself is not that secure.... So there might be ways to recover passwords in windows.

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