xp vs vistas which is the best?

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Vista. There's a lot of argument about this but most of those arguing against don't understand or know about the improvement to memory management in Vista over XP.

Vista treats the whole of its user RAM as "squeezable" cache. This means that any unused RAM is intelligently populated by Vista with stuff you're regularly using. When you use that stuff, you're accessing it 30+ times faster than bring it in from disk.

So Vista is better.

But, beware - if you take the opportunity of upping your Video card & Video RAM, remember that the size of that RAM gets knocked off your available system RAM. So a 3GB or 4GB system RAM is essential for the 32 bit version of Vista (or XP for that matter) if you are using 512MB or more Video RAM - IMHO.


Vista has all sorts of nice things, like better SATA/Raid support, improved install and deployment, better memory management, better driver support, native wireless and ipv6.

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