Hi there to my family at DaniWeb !!!!
I have a Compaq Presario 5190, Windows XP Home, SP3.
When I try to shut the computer down, it just keeps going and going and going !
When I go to START, hit SHUT DOWN, and then OK, it plays the goodbye music, quickly syas SAVING YOUR SETTINGS and then I hear the hard drive shut down but the computer doesn't completly shut down. The screen stays on, a solid, medium blue background, which is my back-ground color and the screen stays on.
I turned off the WELCOME SCREEN like Microsoft said to. I also got SP3 like they said.
I have to turn the switch on the back of the computer to OFF to shut it down, or hold the start button till it goes off.
Got any suggestions ?
Any and all help is very much appreciated.
By the way, this is a fresh install of Windows XP.

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Remove SP3 and see if it still does it...

You say it is a free reinstall.... have you installed all of your drivers???

Can you try a different monitor and see if it does the same thing??

Then we can go from there.

right click on the desktop /go to properties/screen saver /power /,and go into advanced i think it is and check of to use advanced power options .i think it is ,its a olde setting in older computer like yours

Thank you both for your replies ! I just got off work and after 12 hrs, I'm bushed. I will do as you have suggested when I get up tomorrow or tomorrow night. Thanks again !!!
Well, curiosity got the best of me and I looked in DEVICE MANAGER. There is a yellow exclamation mark on a listing called " ATI 3D RAGE LT PRO. It is under "display adapters".
I looked for the driver for this application, but couldn't find it. Do you think that could be the problem ?
Now, I'm going to bed
Thanks a million!

I've tried a different moniter, removed SP3, made sure that I was using ADVANCED POWER OPTION, and couldn't findout anything using that link listed above. Sorry, nothing is working .
Do you have anymore suggestions ? Do you know anyone that has a ATI 3D RAGE LT PRO, driver I could use ?

OK< well it is a driver problem then.

Download the driver here, install it, reboot, and then you shouldn't have any problems.

OK< well it is a driver problem then.

Download the driver here, install it, reboot, and then you shouldn't have any problems.

i tried that link last time[found it in google search] and it will not download for me and the mirror site is the one i posted above ,to amd ,who has bought out ATI.

Well, I tried the drivers and all I got was a CODE 10. It was downloading the drivers and then it stopped and gave me a code 10.
I am gonna pull this card out and get a different one.

good idea maybe ,and whereas you computer is so old ,and if this http://configurator.oempcworld.com/result.asp?mn=Presario+5190&modelid=33765 is you computer ,why not spring for a newer computer while you're at it !

Thanks again for your wisdom !
This is a computer that was going to be part of a small network here at home. It was going to be JUST for surfing the net. I have other computers here that are used for differnt things. If a different card doesn't fix it, a hammer and a smile , will !
Will any ATI or "monitor" card work in the Compaq ?

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