Hello all,

I have an office network of 6 computers or so running Windows XP.

Sporatically 3 of them now will not perform search. They will start up the search program, but they will run and run and never find anything,
even if I search the exact file name in the same directory as it is located.

I have run all the windows updates and I have all of the Norton anti-virus updates installed. I have run adware removal of both Spybot and adaware to no avail.

I HAD a svchost malware last week which I removed with adaware, but it is now gone.

Search won't work on any of the 3 computers, frankly I am stumped. I would do a reinstall of windows, but there is lots of data and my boss is fearful and doesn't want me to reinstall windows.

Help is most appreciated.

at my Wit's end,


Is this the search in My Computer, or some other search?

Are you accidentally trying to search network drives? That will slow down everything to nightcrawler speed.

Do a repair install rather than reformatting so that the applications you have installed, data on your hard disk, settings etc are not lost.

Repair install can be done after you press F8 and the screen shows the partition where your windows is installed. Here by pressing R you are doing a repair install. Its just like a normal installation but you do not need to do any other thing after XP installations completes. Everything will remain intact including your drivers etc.

i think you need to repair the windows................some files must be missing accidentally......so i advice you to repair it........