Ok well recently I noticed that my internet was going extremely slow, and today I noticed that when I click on ANY google link, it opens a new tab and sends me to a random site. Sources tell me its probably spyware, but the thing is, I cant download ANY removal software, I tried to but each time it wont download. I was able to download hijackthis, but that wont even start when I double click it. I really need some help, what should I do, if I cant even download anything?

Boot up in safe mode and try to download Spybot S&D or its equivalent. To boot in Safe Mode restart your machine and press F8 right after the BIOS screen. If this doesn't work go to a friend's house or public library and download antivirus onto a jumpdrive and run it on your machine.

Alright, Ill download that program and see if it can clean up my problems. I used Ad-aware and it didnt solve my problem. (Downloded it through my PS3, Jumpdrive), lets hope S&D works.

Open Device Manager and on the VIEW Tab, select the Show hidden devices option.
Go down to non plug and play drivers and see if there is one called TDSSserv and disable it.


Reboot and try hijackthis again.