Hello, I Can't get windows xp home to install on my new build. I have a p4 3.0, 1 gb ram, seagate 160 sata hd. Windows copies all the files restarts and boots up then says about 39 mins til complete then stops fatal error. The error report says
setup could not regester OLE Conrol C:\windows\system32\rsaenh.dll
because of the following error
Load library error 1114(45a)
The signature for D:\1386\NT5.Cat is invalid
error code is 800b0100
no signature was present in the subject
The signature for windows xp home ed setup is invalid
error code 800b0100
setup failed to install product catalogs. this is a fatal error setup log files should contain more info.

Any help? Right know I'm reformating the hd and going to try to install it again. Thanks Alot.

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Check your Windows CD if it has valid data.

Hello, I just bought it so I hope it is allright. I think it might have something to do with my sata hd.I'm using it alone but win does not rec. it until i put sis964 raid driver floppy in. One time it said something about sisraid and win logo. I reformated and restalled about 5 times. One time I thought I had it got down to 3 min left before I got an error message. Know I'm going to put an ide hd in it and see if that works. If not I'm going to try and return the win xp. I bought it at staples and the seal was cut on it. Thanks Nanosani.

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