In an attempt to connect my daughters computer to a wireless network I installed my mother's old hard drive which had the windows ME operating system on it. My hard drive had windows 98 and the wireless equiptment will not work with 98. Mom does not have the disks to reload ME so I figured I'd just put in the harddrive with the system on it.
Well, After installing the hard drive I turn on computer and it begins to find "new" hardware for this system.'s working.
Now for the problem...I can not get the setting to adjust beyond 16 colors. Nothing else is available. It look like when you start in Safe Mode, but it's not in safe mode.
I tried another graphics adapter and was able to adjust the screen size with that one, but no more colors available. Everything else seems to work.
Thanks for helping the new guy.

I had that problem with my computer at one time, but didnt put in a new hard drive. I just re-installed the graphics drivers for my computer and that worked.

It definitely sound like a driver issue. What's the make/model of video card, and what driver does Device Manager indicate that the system is using for it?

Turned out to be the driver. Thanks. I was able to load the W98 driver into ME and it worked fine.

Glad you got it sorted out. :)

If you're sure that the driver did the job, could you let us know so that we can mark this thread as solved please?


definitely was the driver

Thanks for the confirmation- marking as solved...

I have the same problem. Can I get a copy of the driver, PLEEEEASE

It is almost certain that Roaddog has a different video card then you, so whatever driver he used wouldn't work for you anyway. If you have your Windows CD, try getting the drivers from there like Roaddog did. If you can't do that, try Windows Update. If that doesn't work either, you need to open your computer (remember to protect your system against static damage) and get the name and model number from the video card and go to the manufacturers site for drivers. If the video is built-in (no video card), then you need to get the drivers for the motherboard.

Any more questions, please post in a new thread as this one has been marked as solved. Good luck!

Any more questions, please post in a new thread as this one has been marked as solved. Good luck!



Do as dlh6213 suggested in terms of determining the exact make/model of your card and getting the correct driver for it.

If you have problems with the process and need to ask us specific questions, please start your own thread and post your questions there- members should not post their own questions in a thread started by another member.