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Looking for some assistance - I've had a need to use anything other than very basic formulas in Excel, but I'm now struggling to generate the information that I want.

In the attachment formula, I have some ratings, and have calculated, in column entitled Diff, the difference between the highest rating, an each of the others. Now I'm looking to automatically add the decimal odds from the doc entitled appendix_6...

Therefore, a score of 0 in column named Diff would result in a total of 1.00 being placed in the Decimal Odds column of the same sheet, and:

Diff = 1, therefore Decimal Odd = 0.9
Diff = 2, therefore Decimal Odd = 0.8

Which formula would assist me in producing this data easily?
Any assistance greatly appreciated.

From what you described, it sounds like the VLOOKUP function will work.

You give VLOOKUP a value, a range and a return column. The function will then look for the value in the range and then return the corresponding value in the column you specified. If you look it up in Microsoft Excel's help, you should be able to figure out how it works.

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Excellent, many thanks! Got phase one working.

I'm now working on a second part: it involves pulling data from a different table, but the "lookup" data won't be exactly the same as the stored information.

Therefore, I'm trying to retrieve the nearest match for the lookup data. I tried the vlookup formula, but replaced false with true, but this results in: #N/A

Could you offer any advice on this problem, please?

Problem solved - silly error, was including the title heading.

Thanks again for your help, the formulas will save me a heap of time!