Anyone know where to download IE 5 and IE 5.5? The ms site is giving me the runaround.

and no, i cant just download IE6 SP1 as i need the active desktop update which is not included in that. Cant do windows update as it doesnt work with IE pre IE5.

Need to know where to download the full IE5 or IE5.5 files as web install is no good (not networked machine)

Hey jb was that link good? I'm guessing you don't have any Windows fans who don't throw stuff away, and would have it on CD or sommink?

And just out of curiousity, what's a 21st century man like yourself want with IE5? :-p

An NT4 workstation im working on (old pc, for my gran)

The machine is not going to be connected to the internet but im trying to get it up to date. I need to install IE 4.02 or one of the 5.x series before IE6 (the OS ships with IE2 which cant even access google) in order to get the windows desktop update (Active desktop) which makes it a bit more windows 98ey.

Btw, the one in the link would have been great but it doesnt include the policy templates which i want as i intend to lock it down for her.

This link works for me though. Install SP3 first

After that i upgraded to IE6 SP1, installed SP6a, and the SRP.