I have tried to download a free trial of Nero 6.0 Ultra three times now without success. This download is 33MB, and takes about three hours to complete. The first two times I used Firefox as the browser, and the third using IE. The 2nd attempt simpley stalled about halfway through, but the 1st and 2nd concluded with the same message: CRC failed in Nero\nero.exe Unexpected end of archive, on the last attempt using IE a second meassage came on telling me that there was a problem with IE and that they were going to have to shut it down. What the heck is going on?

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High speed cable or other reliable internet connection? Reliable source for download? Browsers do occasionally block downloads but tell why more often than not.

I'm thinking that a 33MB file isn't going to yield very good results coming down over a phone line. Do you ever lose connection on your modem?

Hey guys...I'm beginging to think this has been a exersize in futilitly, after investing close to eight hours into this endeavor. I just found out that I could purchase the Nero Vision Express for .99 cents, and the Nero 6.0 Ultra for $13.99 at Ebay.
Cable and DSL are words we hear about in this rural community, but that's about it. Satallite is available if you're willing to spend about $30.00 a month, I'ld rather spend that on fishing or something as lucrative. Oh well, it's all part of the learning curve I guess. Thanks anyway.

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