I'm trying to get the software for IBMs T42 ThinkPad, anyone have any ideas?

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Yep...it's called Linux. Then you don't have to worry about blue screens and recovering all the time :)


I am sure you are referring to the Windoze utilities that IBM bundles with their computers... although Dell and Compaq and others do the same things.

You should be able to find what you need off of IBM's website. I'm also going to move this topic to the 2000/XP section...


hi, i found this thread from searching on google...

the 8 cd set you are asking about cant be downloaded from the ibm website unfortunately

i personally have a thinkpad t42 and i will make copies of the complete 8 cd set and mail them to you if you prefer for a small cost...if your interested my email is cristoforo (at) gmail (dot) com

btw these discs work on r51, t42, an t42p only incase others are interested in them..thanks

edit:: just to show people my credibility you can check my ebay feedback under "primacarne" thanks again