Can anyone help me?
I am using a SONY VAIO VGN-FJ58GP and I just reinstalled my windows XP. After reinstalling my Windows XP the function keys is not working.

All my drivers are working properly but there is no audio. I can see the speaker icon on the lower left-side and I can click and adjust volumes but I can't hear a thing.

Please help me.

it seems to me either to be a keyboard problem. (sometimes onprtables the keyboard cable can get disturbed and a line of keys not work.
Or it is a driver problem nd the reinstallation has not put in the exact drive to match the keyboard. Suggest using google or sony site to check what keyboard driver is used... it should be generic but often can be an in house drive and thus not responding to the generic microsoft keybpoard drivers.

For me, the best solution is: reinstall your Windows
again. If the same problem goes with the keyboard, the key-
board is the problem. If the audio still won't work, try using
your speaker to a radio, mp4, iPod, or whatever to see if your
speaker really functions well. If it does, the audio socket might
be destroyed from an unknown reason. (Just a suggestion.)

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