Hi All, Not sure I am in the correct forum,

When i start my dell inspirion 9300, It come up with a message saying AC Adapter not recognized, press F1 to continue.

This I do, and all works fine, except it does not charge my battery, It shows the power adapter as connected but not charge going in.

Now I knew I was using an adapter that was compatible. so I now have an original dell one, and it still does the same.

Also before this started to happen my power jack was loose, as we had to wiggle it about to get it to charge the battery, so a new one was fitted.

i believe the battery is OK as it again is and original dell only 10 to 11 mths old.

So any ideas what I need to do to stop this message everytime, and get my battery to charge please.

Also notice that F3 has has a battery Icon on it, if that helps in anyway.



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Forgot to add I am using windows XP.

Also this is actually what come up on the screen

The A.C Power Adapter Type cannot be determined.
This will prevent optimal system performance.

Strike the F3 key ( Before F1 or F2 Key) if you do not want to see power warning messages again.

Strike the F1 key to continue, F2 to run the set up utility


It could also be the power circuit. You should take it back to Dell and ask them to fix it. It's so new that it have to work.

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