when I typed the command attrib it says, 'attrib' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. And some other commands like 'edit'. And after the post of my pc , "INVALID BOOT.INI file, booting from c:\WINDOWS\.. so lame need help ^^

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attrib is a program, not an internal command.
Either, the program has been removed or renamed or it is not in your path.

Though it sounds like you have a more serious problem with the system. The BOOT.INI file is what Windows uses to determine where to find the windows installation to boot from (or what options to use). The message indicates that yours is invalid so it is booting by default from C:\WINDOWS.

How or why your BOOT.INI became invalid is not apparent from your description.

Found this on the interwebs... don't know how relevant it is, therefore, to "INVALID BOOT.INI" file.

[However if you get this message, "'attrib' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.", as I did, perform the following (must be logged on as an administrator):

Start >
Settings >
Control Panel >
System >
Advanced >
Environment Variables >
System Variables >
Locate and highlight Path >
Edit >
Add the following line of text (exactly as printed below) to the beginning of the Variable Value list:
Confirm by clicking OK to each request.]

I usually use the 'attrib' for removing viruses by changing their attributes, but now after that BOOT.INI issue I can't use it anymore. And one more thing I can't run the gpedit.msc program for some tweaks ^^, what am I thinking right now is to reinstall my OS, but most of the sites and forums that I had searched about that BOOT.INI thing, they said insert the XP cd and repair my bootcfg I'm just confused If what shall I do with my rig. . .

XP pro right?

attrib is a command, it will not run from the run window because it is not a pgm.
May we have a glance at your boot.ini file, please?
Go Start, Run, paste in ..
control sysdm.cpl,,3 -and press Enter. Go Startup n Recovery Settings, press Edit button. Paste here the notepad that pops.

BOOT.INI file issue solved, thanks guys ^^ , the problem left is I can't run some commands in command prompt like attrib, edit etc. T_T. And the gpedit.msc thing thanks for the help ^^

for the cmd problem, best I can suggest is running..
sfc /scannow
to check nd replace any corrupt protected system files. Or just try copying in cmd.exe from your installation cd. It is in I386, you need to expand it thus:
expand "cd drive letter"\i386\cmd.ex_ %systemdrive%\system32\cmd.exe

@Kapitaen M
thank u very much

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