We're trying to find a solution to centrally control internet access for our MacOS X and Windows 2000/XP users.

We'd like to easily allow and disallow internet access for specific users and at any given moment view which users are allowed access.

We can do this using our firewall, but since we use a DHCP server, IP addresses might change over time and then we'll lose control again.

One way we thought of, is using a DHCP Class ID.
This works well (for PC's only, don't know how to get it to work on a Mac yet), but the problem is that I don't know how to monitor which clients are assigned to which Class ID.

If the boss says to me:
"OK, give me a list of all the people who have internet access right now! :@ "
I can't give it to him :S

Is there a way to query the DHCP server to show which address lease belongs to which Class ID?

I found the following command on this post and I wonder whether it could be modified somehow to display leased addresses' Class ID:

for /f "tokens=1" %a in ('netsh dhcp server \\{dhcpservername} show scope^|find
/i "Active"') do netsh dhcp server \\{dhcpservername} scope %a show clients&netsh
dhcp server \\{dhcpservername} scope %a show clientsv5

Thanks in advance.

OK, after researching the "netsh dhcp server" command I found out there's no way to do this...

Can anyone offer a way to centrally manage internet access privileges in a DHCP environment (for Mac & PC clients)?

Thanks in advance.

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