hi im sry im new

ive been going though all these threads to see if i can find an answer but i havent. last night i tryed to shut my computer down but it wouldnt so i did it by holding the button and shuting it off.
So today i try and turn on my computer and everything loads fine but it wont let me log in. its just stuck on the blue screen before the login. it just just says microsoft windows xp.

can anyone help :sad:

o yea it does the same exact thing if i try and start in safe mode :sad:

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ok well i got into safe mode and did a system restore .. now im not so sure on what to do


what do u mena by logon? u mean get it? i cant get bak into normal mode but i dont kno if i should go bak into normal mode anyway. i cant do much becuz in the safe mode my mouse wont work so im useing the keyboard


Well, I would try to get back in, in normal mode. If you can it will be easier to fix the problem so it wont happen again.

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