For some reason when I recently restarted my computer or whatever I don't know, I couldn't find my internet explorer program icon anywhere on my computer. I even went to Local Disk (C:)/ Program Files/Internet Explorer and couldn't find the program file/exe anywhere in the folder. But good thing I had Google Chrome still on my computer, so I went and tried to download Internet Explorer 8 but that didn't do anything. After a little while of searching on my computer I found Internet Explorer (No Add-ons) but that won't let put any add-ons on it like flash player for some reason. I cant watch any Youtube videos on it. I don't really wanna have to use Google Chrome or System restore to get Internet Explorer back. What do I do???

My personal suggestion is to download firefox and call it a day. The only url I ever enter into IE is Out of curiosity, what OS are you on and what version of IE are you running?

You should be able to go into Control Panel > Add and remove programs > Add/Remove windows components, then select internet explorer and install it.

Thanks!!!!! That helped me and I can now use Internet Explorer again!!!!! =]