I have a simple program that I am having trouble debugging.
It contains two different problems.

1. If I run a MessageBox in this program after the program is
up and running, the program crashes. I have to call the
Task Manager to shut down the program.

2. SetTimer will not work unless I put other code in the
funtion containing it. I've pinned down what happens using
a debugger but don't know how to cure it. I'm popping BPX
with a bad momory position after SetTimer completes.

The program is in working order now by fudging and the
"points of failure" are documented in the program.
I tried to eliminate compiler problems by compiling
using two different compilers. "cl" and Borland BCC.
Both act the same.

I run an AMD with SP1.

Check out the following link and create a new thread there, this section is for Windows OS related issues

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