I am encountering a problem with Outlook 2007 not reading all of the email which is available on my Pop3 account -- or it is reading and deleting emails during the download process. I noted that my traffic level had decreased on received emails using Outlook 2007. I logged in to my Pop3 webmail account and found numerous emails showing as "not read" sitting in my webmail inbox. This problem is happening with three different pop3 accounts. I have worked extensively with the email providers and my isp provider and my set-ups are absolutely correct (they did remote live assistance to confirm this). I uninstalled Outlook and reinstalled it twice. I ran the Outlook diagnostics; no change. I forwarded 11 "test" emails from one Pop3 to another then opened Outlook. 50% downloaded to Outlook. I tried using the Stellar program but it "encounters a problem" and closes everytime. Any suggestions?

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Most likely it's the email server your on, Is it a free or cheap monthly cost alot of email servers don't fully integrate with outlook or have problems all the time, Can you do an imap connection to it, or just use the web login

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