New build. Win XP 64-bit on MSI-K9A2VM-FD with AND 5600+ and 4Gb ram, two 80Gb sata drives. Clean install, pc runs great. Install chipset drivers, display drivers, alls well. Install printer driver and now spoolsv runs amuck, hogging 98% cpu cycles. I can end process in task manager and things go back to normal, except now there is no printing. To print I have to go into services to re-start spoolsv. Really annoying. Can't find any help. Anyone out there have a clue how to correct this??

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Ive seen it before though. seems to affect winxp64/server 2003 machines a lot. Seems they dont like kernel-level printer drivers too much (perhaps due to security policy?) and when it gets denied it gets stuck in a loop hence the cpu usage


Thanks for the feedback.
The printer drivers are from the manufacturers. They are both 64-bit. The odd thing is that spoolsv takes off on its own, not just when there has been a print job. ???

Found that piece at Tim's Journal. Ran down to the office with great expectations to impliment it... Those files didn't exist so no joy. (and yes I had FolderOptions - View set to show Hidden & System Files)

I'm about to bring the second pc online, (second of two identical builds -same mobo, proc, etc, w/ Win XP 64-bit, will be using same print drivers to access same networked printers).
I'm anxious to see if this issue repeats on 2nd pc.
If it doesn't, I''ll be pissed.
If it does, I'll be pissed.

Oh, Thank you PC God's for presenting me with this Learning Experience, I pray I'm worthy.


This issue pushed us to purchase a new printer. Not altogether a bad thing. New printer = New drivers, fully XP-64 compatible - Problem solved!

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