When I first got this computer it had a CD burner/DVD Player. My mom's friend offered to fix it for us and deleted the software. I've tried downloading other things from the Internet to get them to work again but no luck. And I have no idea where the discs we received with the computer are. If anyone knows what to do...please help!!!

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So, from what I understand, you are looking for a burning software? If so, may I reccomend Nero (www.nero.com), it is a very good software, and can burn in lots of different way.


I tried that one once...but it didn't work. I think something may be wrong with the drive...is that possible from the deletion of the software? My PC used to play DVDs and burn music, now it does neither.


And I have no idea where the discs we received with the computer are.

My suggestion is to look a little harder for the disk ,or maybe you have a fried who has a dvd burner,and still has the software that came with there and could lend you theres. Also if you tried Nero ^ it should burn files DVD

IF you have windows xp ,and windows media player 10 it should play DVD movies .or you could buy a good dvd player software here .

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