hi guys

i bought a notebook recently with windows xp. After a few days everytime i turned the computer on it would bring up a file c:/, this happened for a number of weeks. Recently two files now open on launch of computer, one titled internet file and another random letters. No documents in either file.

I have ran my anti-virus and no virus' found.

Any ideas how to stop this from happening?

Thanks in advance for all your help


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These files are probably being called by one of the following methods.

the start up folder in the start menu everything in this folder will launch and boot time.

msconfig. click start open run type msconfig then click the startup tab and remove anything that is not suposed to be there.

Registry. Click start click run type regedit search for run and runonce and remove any entries that should not be there.

Be carefull especially in the registry dont remove anything that you dont understand just look for the file that open that you dont want.


thanks a million buddy, that seems to be it sorted! appreciate ur help

have a good day



the easier way would be to download and use HIJACKTHIS utility and delete the suspected entry. Ur problem is solved.


Just a note for future reference :
The Paths to be followed in the registry to remove Startup items are :




The Key (To the Left Of The Screen) is not to be deleted, just the String(To The Right Of the Screen) is to be deleted.

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