This is my first post, and I'm not too sure what my next step should be...

The problem started yesterday, and I suspect it's related to a virus that was supposedly removed by AVG.

Here's what's going on:
- Windows Explorer crashes every 3 seconds; it restarts, then the message box pops up again
- Right after that message comes up (on startup), my laptop claims run32dll.exe has stopped working
- Other programs seem to be going wonky: I've seen Windows Defender message, Synaptics ,
Windows Task Scheduler, etc.
- I've run AVG scan, 6 threats were found, along with tracking cookies... removed all of it.
- I tried opening HiJack This, but it won't open either.
- No Uninstall option in Remove A Program.

I have no idea what to do next. Everyone always asks for a HiJack This log, but how do I run it if it won't open?

Other things that may help:
- I'm a noob with computers
- I'm running Vista Home Premium
- I'm using an HP Pavillion laptop
- 3 GB Ram
- 220 GB HDD
- I'll give other details if needed and I'll respond quickly :)

Please help, and many thanks in advance.


If you have system restore in place, try going back to a date where the computer was working properly and that you suspect that the virus wasn't in your computer yet.

you can access sytems restore by going to Start menu --- All Programs--- Accessories-- System Tools ---- System Restore

Hope this helps

Tried System Restore; didn't work - said there was a hardware failure or something of the sort...

Update: I've solved the explorer.exe and run32dll.exe problem... A virus probably accessed the registry and added "Taskman"
with the value run32dll.exe in winlogon. I removed it, and now explorer works fine.

However, the problem is NOT resolved. Here's what I'm still experiencing:
- Can't uninstall programs in Control Panel (The Uninstall / Change button is simply not there) - HOWEVER, a few recently
added files can apparently be uninstalled; does this have something to do with the virus changing registry or files?
- Certain programs don't run: Malware bytes, Hijack This, etc.
- Programs requiring Internet don't install correctly - notably Spyware Doctor [Smart Update can't update] and Spybot S & D
(I can, however, access the Internet...)
- Computer is running a little slower than before the virus (I managed to speed it up a little since my last post - don't know how)
- AVG Free 8 detected no threats when I ran a system scan last night
- BitDefender trial can't scan past a file named SOFTWARE.sys, so it doesn't reach the fixing part
- Kaspersky won't install because of AVG, and I can't uninstall AVG - the uninstaller says the program isn't installed, yet it obviously is.
- Whenever I use Google and click a link, it brings me to the wrong site - mostly ads, or similar products, most likely more viruses
- I'm still clueless as to what to do next.

Also, I removed 4 threats with smaller fractions of BitDefender scanning:
- Application.Generic.30184
- Application.Pwcrack.Cain.GL
- Worm.Generic.47369
- Worm.Generic.47845

The last 2 couldn't be removed because they were in an archive - I deleted the whole folder containing the archive.
In regards to these threats, they didn't seem to cause much damage because I only started getting symptoms July 2nd.

Finally, if it helps, I know exactly what caused the virus. It was a torrent download, Network Magic Patch. The patch totally
screwed up my laptop. I'm ashamed I had to download a patch in the first place, or that I even had uTorrent on my computer,
but I have removed uTorrent and Network Magic altogether. No more torrents for me; I've learned my lesson the hard way.

Thank you all for viewing this, and for trying to help.
Justin, a teen who won't be using torrents for the rest of his life :|

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