Hi All,
Is there any Remote Desktop connection that is compatible with Microsoft's remote desktop? I won't Like VNC because it will force me to install in each PC I want to RLogin
There is this but I guess it have no port for Windows


Thanks for the Link.
I am interested only in freeware if is there!

I suggest you to Use Team Viewer its free for personal purpose. Its really awesome.

Does it need me to install/ have another Team viewer software installed on other machine. I need the software to only be installed on my machine and use remote desktop (That Comes with windows) on the other machine

To be honest, without knowing what OS make and edition is running on your PC, this question is actually unanswerable.

For starters, lower end builds of Vista, as well as XP Home, are lacking the Domain Login capabilities to even initiate Remote Desktop connection to another machine.

Simply put, need more info