I have found that on computers running vista the iTunes Cover Flow has a very slow FPS.
My friend's computer is running windows vista home premium and specs follows:
2.4GHz Intel Core2 Duo
2GB DDR2 Ram
256MB NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS

And the Cover Flow is embarrassingly slow.
My case is even more embarrassing. Even when I'm running a computer such as follows:
3.2GHz Intel Core i7
6GB DDR3 Ram
1GB Radeon HD 4870

The Cover Flow is just as bad. The FPS looks about 5.
On my old computer running window xp:
2.66GHz Intel Pentium 4
1.5GB Ram
512MB Radeon HD 2600 (AGP card!)

The FPS was so smooth it kinda needed verticle sync.
The specs of my old computer are way worse but it does the Cover Flow no sweat. So what's wrong with vista.
I ran iTunes in compatibility mode with windows xp but there was no difference.
Could Direct X 10 be doing this?
Maybe with windows 7 with DX 11 I think, will it be fixed or worse running that? I don't know but does anyone know a way to fix this.
It's not a tragedy but is irritating (me being a perfectionist and preformance enthusiast) because I can run any game on High setting but can't run the Cover Flow to a acceptable level.

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To be honest, have always steered clear of iTunes, as it runs like a wounded dog on Windows, especially on Vista. You may like to try on Win7, but this has been a constant irritation for users of many Apple products ported to Windows (the exception being the recent Safari 4 release which actually gave Mac users the biggest headache).

Is there a particular reason you need iTunes??

Just to play MP4 files because I don't have an ipod or anything. So I need computer to play my music.

Just to play MP4 files because I don't have an ipod or anything. So I need computer to play my music.

I know WMP12 (x64) in Win7 plays even HD MP4's flawlessly, but from memory there was a codec for WMP11. If you don't like WMP, look at something like VLC

At the end of the day, is up to you what media player you use. I'm just suggesting that if you are having that many performance issues with iTunes (and you're far from alone), maybe it is time to look at something a lot less resource-hungry.

As to DirectX, you can have multiple versions in Vista (and I assume Win7) On Vista I have versions 8-10 all installed, as different apps look to a specific build

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