hey...i've problem with xp home edition,,internet explorer exactly

hmm,,,i can't browse website with internet explorer,,,,,i

and i can't sign in my Msn Messenger,,i tried many time it's always said that i don't have any internet connection,,really weird,,,my DSL is working,,,coz i can use another program like MIRC and Yahoo messenger,,,

i just can't used ie and msn messenger,,,,

anybody know what's wrong?anyway this problem started after i download some software from internet,,,

and everything mess up,,,,,

i really preciate any help,,,,,

thaaaaankssssss,,,,,,thaaaankksssssss ;)

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Post HijackThis Log http://www.majorgeeks.com/download3155.html in the Viruses Spyware and other nasties forum

Download it create a folder HJT in the root of C drive copy it there, run the program and click on 'Do a system scan and save a log file' now copy the entire contents of the log file and post it in Viruses Spyware and other nasties forum



i tried already,,,,,hmm,,,,but it's not really help...but i really preciate ur help,,,,:P

well,,,maybe i'll just need to format my laptob,,,and everything will be fine,,,

so,,,,becareful peeps!!!

even it's look fine to download some software from some site,,,

i mean,,,even u trust that site,,,,,

just beware,,,


so ya'll dun get stupid problem like me,,,,,


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