I'm a new user.

A few months ago I tried to use a friend's computer to log onto the internet via dialup. He's got a Dell Inspiron 1200 laptop running XP. I'm an MSN user, he's an MSN user. There used to be an 800 number for MSN dialup so I tried using that only the 800 number didn't exist and the other dialup numbers didn't work either. I read on the MSN help screen at the time that resetting the password might help and so I tried this several times without luck before giving up.

Today the friend calls to tell me every time he tries to get onto the Internet with MSN using DSL a login screen comes up with my login name and asks for the password we tried setting months back. I dont know what it is or why it is coming up now and since he's thousands of miles away, I dont know what to tell him.

Any help you can offer will be great.


Hi,I would think that they could go to control panel /network and internet connections /network connections ,and delete the icon reffering to the dialup connection you tried to create .