I did a virus scan on my computer a few days ago and discovered I had multiple trojan horses, which I had to delete for obvious reasons. Since then I cant sign into MSN messenger, hotmail or access outlook express. Also I have no history, which I had previously, and I have no advanced internet options. When I click on the advanced internet options, I just get a blank page.

I've also tried to repair my Internet Explorer, which is version 6, and when I try it says "Internet Explorer 6 cannot be repaired. Please run Setup again to reinstall all components." I tried reinstalling everything, but I still got that error message. Apparently Internet Explorer 6 cannot be repaired because errors occured whilst setting up the following dll's:

I really dont know what to do, can anyone help?

thanks for replying. I tried that but it keeps saying DLLRegisterServer failed.

1. It fails on all of your dlls, or just one or two in particular?

2. You are logged in to an account with administrator rights, yes?

1) Just shdocvw.dll, mshtml.dll and browseui.dll.

2)I have no computer knowledge at all, what do you mean by administrator rights?

1) Just shdocvw.dll, mshtml.dll and browseui.dll.

What exact version of Windows are you using?

2)I have no computer knowledge at all, what do you mean by administrator rights?

In Windows 2000 and XP, user accounts are assigned to certain groups, each of which grants the user different levels of permission to perform certain tasks such as installing programs, modifying system settings, etc. Users who belong to the "Administrators" group basically have unrestricted permission to make system-level changes, and given that, many troubleshooting tasks must be performed while logged in as a user who is a member of the Administrators group. You can determine which user accounts are assigned to which groups by looking at your user accounts in the Users Control Panel in Win 2000 or the User Accounts control panel in Win XP.

I'm using Windows 98 Second Edition.

Win 98? OK- the Administrator stuff doesn't appy in your case then.

I have to log off for a while to take care of "real life" things, but I'll try to post other suggestions as soon as I can. Hopefully, one of our other will pick up on this in the meantime.

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