Hi, new to this forum and it looks good. My prob is i deleted internet explorer!? I know it was a stupid thing to do but it's done now. I restored my pc to a earlier date and seem to have it back. The only thing is I can't use the net for anything now!! I've been on these helplines and they cost a fortune. they seem to think that my pc and modem are talking to each other but I'm not linked to my asdl provider. I know there is no prob with the server and the fault is mine. somebody said that I probably deleted the address of the server?? can I just write this back in and how?? If there's a reply to this please could anybody else with a suggestion please post it also as i have tried many things already. Thanks......

Let's check a few things concerning your basic connectivity:

- In your Start menu, click the "Run..." option, type "cmd" (omit the quotes; if you use Windows 95/98, type "command" instead) in the "Open:" box, and hit enter. In the resulting DOS window, type the following command at the DOS prompt; post the information the command returns:

For Windows 2000 & XP:
ipconfig /all

For Windows 95/98:

In the statistics returned by the command, verify that your network adapter has been assigned valid IP, subnet mask, gateway address, and DNS server info.

- While still in the DOS box:

* Try to ping the local "loopback" address of your computer:


* Try to ping the IP address that the ipconfig command reported for your network adapter:

ping IP_address_of_adapter

* Try to ping Google by its IP address:


* Try to ping Google by URL

ping www.google.com

Let us know what you get.

If you have your windows XP OS disc, I think you can use it to repair windows (not reformat, just repair) or just download IE form the microsoft update page.

Try running winsockfix in my sig for sh*ts and giggles. (it only takes 2 minutes and a restart)