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Not too long ago, I installed MS Outlook2003 (the very first time) on my XP Pro machine. Well, I was able to create the accounts and other little bit adjustments and in doing so I tweaked it so much that I can not open any link from with in the message. When I click on any link, I get the following error msg. I was used to open the links from there though.

" The operation has been canceled due to restrictions in effect on this computer. Please contact your system administrator."

At my work I was told that I may have to activate the MS Word as default mail editor, I tried that as well, but to no luck. Can anyone spare sometime and give me an idea on how to fix this behavior. I don't have much of intentions to re-install because once I un-install thanit will be gone for good...

By the way, Zone Alarm Pro is active on y pc. No other fireall, ad blockers and such.

Your help, time and any hint is very appreciated.
danial OnlyDanial@gmail.com

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Problem discussed Here

same problem but in outlook 2007.
the link above does not work, whats the solution.
Thank you

thanks for the links, that help me solve my problem.

i still face the same issue, can any one spare time to help me out

when i m open the line Link form the outlook i m geeting the msg , This Operation has been canceled due to restriction in effect on this computer Please contact your system administrator

There must be group policies set within your system. If you are using corporate systems then there is not much you can do about it

I was getting the same message after I mistakenly installed Google Chrome then uninstalled it. I tried all the fixes that were suggested but the only thing that worked was to download a registry booster http://www1.uniblue.com/pc/rb/google/en/search/index.html
Everything is working fine, and so much faster after downloading and running program.

You guys ROCK! Thank you for being out there and offering easy help. I've dealt the with this problem for months and didn't want to use outlook any longer. THANK YOU!

can't open your PST files into Outlook 2007.......occurs when you have old PST format as in old Outlook format users will unable to new PST format............you must try PST Upgrade tool @pstupgrade.com

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