I got 2/3 through an installation of windows 98 and i recieved an error
"You started your computer with a version of MS-DOS inompatible with this version of Windows. Insert a Startup diskette matching this version of windows and then restart.
The system has been halted. Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart your computer"

what do i do?

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i saw that site before i posted this...maybe im blind but i dont see how to fix it! my friends computer had windows 98 upgraded from 95 and i bought a windows xp home upgrade for it but woulnt take it cuz it was upgraded from 95 so i fdisk the drive and went to put on 98 full and then upgrade to xp home, but i cant proceed cuz the error...please help me i need to go back tommrow to fix it!

*bump* this is probably easy *bump*

and went to put on 98 full and then upgrade to xp home

Are we talking about a Windows 98 upgrade CD?? If not, then you don't have to install Win 98 first! Erase your HD with a tool like S0Kill or KillMBR, then insert your Win XP Upgrade CD. During the installation you will be asked to insert a full version of a previous Windows OS. In your case this would be the Windows 98 CD.


Ok, i think i got it but just to double check, when i was using the windows xp upgrade cd, it said no os could be found to upgrade and it would make me exit or try again...is this where i insert the 98 cd?

Hmmm, I don't know. I have a Windows Xp Home CD here which I thought was an upgrade CD. During installation I am asked to insert a Win 98/ME/2000 CD into the drive, to confirm that I'm allowed to use an XP upgrade. You seem to have another sort of upgrade CD. Would be pretty stupid if you would have to install Win98 first in order to be able to install WinXP. Maybe someone else knows.


the cd i have is brand new including sp2 in it if that helps anyone...i leaving an hour to go fix this anybody got a hint to help me out?

This should help:
(Paragraph within this article: "Note : If you are using an XP Upgrade CD, you will be asked for a qualifying product during installation. Pop the CD with your older version of Windows into the drive, press <ENTER> or click ‘OK' as prompted, and return your Windows XP CD to the drive when asked. You may be prompted to ‘Create a Startup disk' and you can safely ‘Cancel' from that step if you do not wish to create a Startup diskette.")

And this:

If you are using an XP Upgrade CD, you will be asked for a qualifying product during installation.

That's what I said, but nizzy1115 describes something else.


Where there any options you could choose from before you came to the point where you could either exit or retry?


It looks to me like he needs to boot the cd and let it find the existing OS on the hard drive and not boot the OS on the hard drive then insert the CD..

Ask around for a Win 98 EBD disk. That should solve the problem.

thanks guys i sloved it by going to best buy and getting a new 40 gig solved everything and i put xp on it for her no problem by just putting in the 98 full disk. That was a weird prompt i had i think it was really messed up.

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