If you have a resource marked EA000000-EA0000FF, how do you find this in debug? Does that also mean EA00:0000 or what? Also if an I/O is 9000-9007 how do you see the location in debug?

c:\> debug [enter key]
-d EA00:0000
EA00:0000 7C 07 50 53 51 8B C6 B9-01 00 8B DE F7 06 EC 74 |.PSQ..........t
type d and hit enter again to see the next malloc contents

To HawkViper:

Sorry guy, I made myself look dumb with that one. My question was as clear as mud. I know how to get around in debug. My problem (which I should have made much clearer in my question) is:

In Hardware Devices my resources for com 2 are shown as EA000000-EA0000FF. To find this location in debug, I have tried EA00:0000 using the "d" command and can't find any hex but zeros. This puts me in the position of not being sure I am looking in the right place for the result. My exact question should be "Is EA000000 = EA00:0000 or not?"

Is anything connected to com 2?

Nothing is hooked to either com 1 or com 2. If my drivers were working right, the PCI soft modem should be somehow hooked to com 2 internally. I don't use com 1 for anything. When I first loaded the Agere software I forced the com to be one and I got write fault errors. When I reloaded, it loaded com 2 and then I could send to com 2 but got nothing like an OK back. Using the modem page, diagnostics--more info, it comes back saying the modem is not responding.

Why not try it on a different COM port, like 3 or 4?

This is just me, but I usually try to set internal software modems to something higher than 2, so they don't interfere with COM ports that might actually be there.

I now have the Agere using com 3 but it didn't change a thing. I then inserted the PCI bus information into the registry but that didn't change anything either. Even though 98 now has info in the registry about which device to send on, I am not sure it is sending anything. It may take a command to make PCI do something and I don't know how to do that.

I've been writing threads in 2 spots in Daniweb, chatting with 2 different guys. It's a pain to check each place each time I come on so I'll be on Hardware only from now on. See my latest entry on missing vcomm.vxd over there.


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