Hi everyone!

This is my first post so I'm sorry if I have placed it in the wrong place. I hope I will get a better response than I have recieved from HP customer support.

Well heres the problem:

I have a Hp Laptop DV9000 that I purchased abut 2 years ago. It has Vista installed. I never really used the wireless internet function of the computer until 3 weeks ago when I moved and that was the only option. To my dismay I discovered that the wireless adapter and the motherboard did not funtion. The motherboard had been recalled. I called HP and due to it been under an enchanced warranty I was able to get it repaired, they replaced the motherboard and fans which were defective . I recieved the computer back today and I successfully accessed the interenet and had full function of the computer for about 2 hours. I shut down the computer to go do something else and when I returned the computer wouldn't boot up and it stopped at a blank screen and just said "operating system not found". I need help figuring out what the problem is so I don't have to pay some crazy fees to HP for another defective part.

Upon inspection of the customer care page at HP I came across their page with troubleshooting advice concerning my problem. The first thing on the list of possible errors was something to do with the BIOS. I believe that the BIOS is located on the motherboard which HP service center replaced. Could the new motherboard be defective or did my harddrives get damaged? The harddrives worked fine until after HP serviced the computer.

I tried to do the self check BIOS diagnostic and it wouldn't work. It said something like IDE not working or whatever.


thanks so much for any information

Send it back. They have done a poor job of sorting it out if it only lasted 1 day. You should be able to get it sorted for free because of the very short time it worked for.

After multiple calls to HP I was finally able to get them have my computer shipped to a service center again for the repair. I'm looking for any information that someone has from prior experience with a operating system not found error. Like I said the motherboard was replaced and correct me if I'm wrong but that component has the information needed to boot the operating systems.

"Operating system not found" is normally caused by the machine not picking up the hard drive or the information on the hard drive being corrupted.

You normally get that errror message if the hard disk, or ide i damaged, or ther is no operating system (most likely corrupt disk.) If you have no valuable data on there, and you have a vista install disk, then boot up from it, and see if it lets you install. It may just be a corrupt disk, which are usually fixable by formating it.

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