Hi all,

I'v been battling with this on and off, but cannot work out why I cannot load any pages that are www.microsoft.com.

I can access support.microsoft.com, amazon.co.uk, apple.com, in fact anything at all as long as it is not www.microsoft.com. Has anyone seen anything like this before. It seems to be the same on all the computers on the network. I have even connected a laptop outside of our firewall, and still no Microsoft.com. Have tried using opendns instead of our isp's DNS, but that didn't help either. I even get a webpage from opendns saying did you mean microsoft.com even though thats exactly what I typed in the URL bar. On clicking on the link provided by OpenDNS I then get a page cannot be displayed error.

apologies if this is not the right category, could not decide where to put it, as it is an internet issue, but probably not browser as Firefox and IE7 both do the same thing.

Any help would be appreciated, as I cannot think of anything that would cause one website to not be available, especially when there is no filtering hardware between the pc and the web.

Kind Regards


some viruses do that, actually once i ve got a virus that makes my browsers connections fall when i try to browse any antivirus software vendors webpage like antivir.com. try using an online antivirus like housecall

Thanks gkaykck, but I have been experimenting further. I have found out that if I replace the BT Voyager Router 240 router with a Netgear DG814, the website becomes available. I cannot seem to get our remote access working with the DG814 though so I am still perplexed what the BT Voyager has against Microsofts website.

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