I no longer want widows dark edition. How can I download a full windows xp and be able to edit my offline websites created in notebook with widows dark edition?

Windows XP is not a free software.

Windows XP is not a free software.

Hello and thank you for your reply to my thread: "I dont want windows Dark edition...."

Yes I understand I will need to pay for download. I am a UK citizen currently living in Thailand.

Thailand is notoriouse for piracy!. The PC I purchased was from a legitimate "looking" store that sells latest TV's PC etc. But the Microsoft loaded up on PC was a dark edition.

I used it, NOT knowing the differance. I think it was version 6. A electrical storm killed my motherboard with a electrical surge. (NO) protection gadgets here. Now I need to disconect when storns come.

Having had NEW motherboard insatalled, everything had to be be set back up.

Dark edition I think version 7 was installed. I know nothing about technical stuff. (someone Thai person broken english) explained Dark edition is "parts" of XP, but used for older PC's.

My PC is 3 years old only. The websites I was making in "view" "source" on toolbar, with html I was able to edit and work on. I did the "editing and work" with "Notebook."

However, when I had my PC back, newly set up, when I went to to "view" and "source" to edit the html coding it is in "pink and blue" whereas, notebook is black and white.

Now I cannot edit or work on my partly finished websites.

I need to purchase and downlload Mincrosoft windows xc 2009.

I dont trust the shops no more. And I need help to know what to do. In your reply you gave a link. I used the link and went to website. It said I could quailify for winows xp "KIT." However, it said to go to your supplyer Store. I have explained stores and shops notrious pirates. I should have paid more and bought in Tescos.

Can you pleas help me further.

Best wishes.

I have never heard of "dark edition", but most likely it is a pirated version, which is meant to run faster. Pirateed versions of windows normally come loaded up with viruses and spyware, so get rid of it as soon as pos. I recommend buying the full version of amazon or ebay, but be careful, as they may also be pirated. Good luck!

Yes. Dark Edition is a pirated edition of Windows XP modified by a turkish guy. Anyway, is not indicate to use pirated software in no circumstance. You can find almost any software if you know how to search.

If you've only worked with windows till now, it will require a bit of learning from you to switch to Ubuntu (a Linux distro), but if you have an open mind and are willing to learn something new, You'll find Ubuntu to be amazingly powerful and capable. It has excellent support forums and is totally free--legally. It can do anything that Windows can do, you just have to learn the way to do it. If you're starting anew, it's well worth the try.

I love Ubuntu too though for some reason I have to remove it to remain with my vista. Another interesting Linux distro is Fedora core by Redhat guys. I heard a buddy using Mandriva too.

So If can't get Windows, why don't you go for linux?
No AV and Very capable for Web stuffs :)

with just one problem, i have been using ubuntu 9.04 for a while but when it comes to watch online flash based videos, my cpu goes crazy and system get's really slow

What are your system specs?