My computer is not working.

Last night before i went to bed i played WoW, i turned my computer off normaly, via start.

I woke up this morning and my computer was on, there was no lights to the keyboard, no lights to the mouse, and i dont even know why my computer was on, everytime i turn it off then on at the wall, the Tower will start up straight away, nothing will work, not even the screen.

I have no idea what is wrong with it


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Sounds like a interesting problem. You may have had a power surge during the night.....this will sometimes cause a PC to start up by itself. One thing to try that is simple is to turn off at the wall and then disconnect power lead from the PC. You may wonder why this is any different from just turning it off at the is that the neutral is disconnected. I have that this will work 8 out of 10 times.
If this fails you may have to reset the cmos....but I would need to know what motherboard you have to see if this is possible.

Try the above first to see if that fixes the problem.

Good Luck


Since nothing appears to work (does it bleep at all,° If it bleeps then at least something is working but does the power suppy and / or its fans work? If you had a power surge or even a close lightning strike nearby in the night it is possible the power supply is dead. ( The power supply os basically a transformer to provie the right voltages etc to teh motherboard) If the fans are not working then it may well be cooked!

Sounds like your power button might be stuck on to me.

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