Hey every1, this is my first post on this forum and I hope it turns up good results! Im experiencing some problems with a few versions of windows! I have 3 installed currently(ive been testing to see which one to stick with). I currently have Windows Xp Dark Edition V2 Rebirth Version, Windows xp Professional, and Windows Xp Professional-64bit. The problem Im experiencing is with my graphics drivers. Now I relize the card I have in my system is a little out of date. But i fried my more recent card and dont have the money for a nice new expensive card :(, so i need to make do with what i have. My card is an Nvidia Geforce2 mx 400 64mb. Now I used to be able to run all of my games off of this card w/o any problems. But sense I have upgraded to a newer version of windows for some reason I cant get my card to display the way it used to.... (does that make any damn sense?) To me no. So the exact problems I am having is this. I have Opengl installed and directx, how ever when i try to load a game that uses either of these programs, they fail to load properly. The two games that im trying to play are Counter-Strike 1.6, And Warcraft 3 The frozen throne. I can actually play CS without using Opengl except that the graphics are a little slower and more funky. But WC3 on the other hand does not work at all. When i try to load it it says that i do not have directx installed or I may need to update my graphics drivers(which are as update as they can be, or so i think). Any help would be fantastic!

Thanks all

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Id like to add that Im going to be using Windows XP Dark Edition V3 Rebirth version from now on. Still waiting for a respone :)
please help

First, you can't expect any support for an illegal version of windows.
Second: Get your drivers from the NVIDIA site.

Would someone remove this thread please?

Thank you

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