I have Dell inspiron 1525, with intel dual core processor, 2 gb ram and company loaded vista home basic, which has been updated. Since one when I start my system and try to use any of the appications like ms office, a popup message telling that my ctrl key is pressed even though it is not. After repeated logg off and loggin (not shuting and restarting), iam able to circumvent the problem. I request you all for a possible solution to this. Because of some impt data i donat want to formatt it and reload the os. I have avira antivirus which is uptodate. Please help me.

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It could be that the membrane under the Control Key is jammed. In the past when I've had a sticky key, a quick punch onto the key frees it. Otherwise prise the key off, (left & right) and with a cloth moistened with spirit (Vodka will do) and clean away any sticky stuff that may be underneath.

Did anything get spilt onto the keyboard?


Agree with Suspishio about the stuck KB membrane part. If the system is in warranty, call Dell and have them replace the keyboard

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